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Ip address is being reported wrong


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I am not sure if this is the correct category, if not my appologizes in advance. I have gone into the speed guide within utorrent, but when I click on (test to see if port is forwarded properly) It goes into this site (Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker) and says (Checking port 14710 on I used to use rogers portable internet but last friday the 19th I went back to bell syspatico highspeed. The above noted ip address was correct with rogers but now that switched back to bell canada it has kept the ip address from rogers. I have unistall utorrent and my modem within the device manager but it is still to no avail. I there anyway I can change my defauly ip address. (I even tried even tried disabling my firewall & avg completely) but it still has the same ip address. Can anyonehelp me out. Please & thankyou

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"Bad News" Moderator Re: Ip address is being reported wrongDid you try turning your modem off for 1-5 minutes and back on to see if that problem is corrected?

Yes I have.


I never claimed to be nice. Re: Ip address is being reported wrongThe IP address you listed is coming back as an IP from bell in london ontario.

No I live in Sarnia, Ontario

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