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With a private site, it may be necessary to download after uploading the torrent in order to start the seeding process. (The uTorrent help system explains this.) If I have to download to a location different from the source directory used to create the torrent, that means I would end up with two copies of the files, first the source, then the download from the private site. With a lot of big files, that would seem to be a lot of wasted hard drive space.

Yesterday, for my first upload ever, I chose a different directory for the download and had a problem (which, it turns out, is irrelevant to my question). However, at the time, I thought that the use of the same or different directories may have been implicated. Still, the issue remains whether I can use the same directory and save space, or must use a second directory with the consequent duplication of space. I would like to clarify this issue before any further uploads.

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