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Port Forwarding A Router and A VoIP Phone Adapter


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Before I had a VoIP Phone Adapter I could port forward fine and the uTorrent icon is always a green check mark, now I only get yellow and red icons. I tried to open ports like I normally do, but the phone adapter only allows IP address like 192.168.1.XXX when my static IP address is 192.168.0.XXX.

My setup is right now is modem -> phone adapter (linksys SPA2102) -> router (d-link DIR-628) -> computer.

I tried modem -> router (d-link DIR-628) -> phone adapter (linksys SPA2102) and computer, while this allows me to open ports successfully again, my phone does not work.

Thanks for you time!

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I had this same problem and just figured it out tonight. Basically, the VoIP box is a router, and it is assigning an IP to your LAN router (D-Link, Linksys, etc.). What I had to do was log in to my LAN router (the Linksys, D-Link etc.) and look at the

default gateway IP address. That is the IP address of the VoIP router. Then look at the IP address of the router itself, and that is the IP address the VoIP is assigning the LAN router.

Then, login to the VoIP router. I did it the same way I login to any other router- type the IP address into a browser, the password screen comes up, I typed in no username and used the typical default password of "admin" and BINGO, I was into the VoIP router.

I then went to the area that allowed me to forward ports on the VoIP router (for my VoIP it was under "Applications and Gaming.) I then forwarded all necessary ports to the IP address it had assigned my LAN router (in this case I didn't change anything on my LAN router, just the VoIP router.

After I did that, the VoIP router rebooted and after it came online all my uTorrent speeds blasted off again, and I got green network indicators.

I hope this helps and that you can follow it. Feel free to email with any other questions.

PS - The configuration stayed the same as well: Modem-->VoIP-->LAN.

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