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Port Forwarding?


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Well I went to the port forwarding site and I tried to follow their instructions but when I get to the point where they ask me to type in "cmd" in run and then "ipconfig/all" in the black screen, I get an Ip address which is not the one im currently using so this makes me wonder if all the other numbers are incorrect?

I called up myISP and they told me my DNS numbers but I called them up one week ago, are the numbers still correct?

Oh and like I went to sites to determine my IP address and so i was wondering where do you go to determine your "Default Gateway" and your "Subnet Mask."

SOrry for the flood of questions but I was wondering, if you do get far enough to type ur ip address into internet explorer and it shows a password, do you go to your routers website to find the password?

Can someone please help me, Ive been stuck trying to portforward for about 1 month now, Im always stuck on the part where you have to find your ip address, DNS< default gateway, and subnet masks, the easiest part for some but for me, i cant seem to get past it. I went to slimy's little speed guide fag (which is really indept about everything to me except portforwarding) but I was unable to get my "default gateway." Or i should say, I got it but im pretty sure its wrong because teh IP address I saw where I saw the "default gateway" was wrong.

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What makes you so sure that ipconfig is giving you an incorrect IP address? I'm assuming that you're connected to the internet through a router. What is the brand and model of the router?

Keep in mind that you have two IP addresses: your external IP address (viewable at WhatIsMyIP), and your internal/local IP address that only your router and local computers see (192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x or 10.0.x.x). The local IP address is the one that ipconfig should be giving you.

When you type ipconfig /all, it should give you your local IP address, subnet mask, Default Gateway (your router's IP address), and DNS servers. You put those into your network connection's TCP/IP settings to make your local IP address static, so that you can then properly forward ports to it.

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Oh, well my rounter is a speedstream 5100. Hmm I forgot that about the two different ip things, though when I saw the DNS, on infoconfig/all they didnt seem to work, so I called my ISP and asked them for it, and they gave me ones different from the one I saw so I assumed the entire thing was incorrect, thanks, ill go try now to see if ti works.

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Big Problem w/ the 5100!

SpeedStream 5100 (DSL Modem)

My ISP - SBC/Yahoo 384KBps Up and Downstream

I know for a fact that either its this program (doubtful) or the router itself, but u can and will lose max downstream due to overusage, and will be forced to power-down for 5 minutes then reboot. This is unavoidable and as of now unfixed. I personally sat with a sbc technician as we tried to figure out why this was happening. Its a form of a bandwidth "Cap". It prevents overabuse of internet bandwidth.

So when u use this router i recommend favoriting the status page, as u will be checking back there when u notice ur bandwidth drop. i made a program for displaying this information and keeping it up-to-date timewise. when i run this program it seems it stays active at max longer.

Just a warning out there to speedstream 5100 modem users.

If i get some replies ill post a link for the program

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