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Seeding mode feature


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A way to toggle "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks" using scheduler, please!


As an alternative, multiple configurations or profiles of the Bandwidth and Queueing options that Sheduler can change between.

As an example, this would allow for:

0000-0800, 5 active torrents, 300 max connections, 100per torrent, 100k\s up, Unlimited down, Priority to downloads, limiting torrents that have reached the seed goal (which could be set lower}

0800-2000 3 active torrents, 100 max connections, 50per torrent, 50k\s up, 100k\s down, Priority to uploads, Higher seed goal

2000-2359 As above but unlimited upload in Seed Mode.

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Anyone know how I can do this until(if) the feature is added? Like a batch fille, macro or something?

I'm currently wasting 16hrs a day seeding the same 3 or so torrents to 5.000+ ratio when I have about 60 lesser seeded torrents that aren't getting much bandwidth at all.

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