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Do I have a problem or not.


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im confused by the icon at the bottom of my screen that shows im either not connectable, sometimes amber, and just occasinally green. When ive clicked on the icon to check if the prot is forwarded properly, it comes back with the answer that its not open. Ive tried changing the port, stopping windows firewall, stopping my antivirus, all makes no difference. Ive checked my firewall settings and the port indicates its open. The port utorrent uses is the same one every time.

My isp is telefonica, i have checked and they do not block or limit, and i use a xavi 7968 router. My usual download speeds are what i would regard as normal, up to 600 kb/s on some downloads, others are a lot slower.

My problem is this, I use a site that requires equal download to upload rates. I use RSS to start the downloads which shows 3 times a week.. but just recently, i dont seem to be achieving a 1 - 1 ratio even though I leave it seeding for days after download is complete. Ive treid tweaking settings, all to no avail.

Any suggestions as to what could be the probelm would be appreciated

many Thanks .. john

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