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Any idea what my problem might be


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Okay here is my situation about 1 month ago i was consisently getting about 100- 150 k/s download speed; however, i also was experiencing general performance issues when not using utorrents so i went through my comp and removed all unneeded software and hardware this included windows internet explorer 7 from my pc ( i use firefox) and avg free anti virus program. Since then my dl speed hasnt gotten above 25k/s, ive deleted and readded my utorrent firewall exception have alered my speed settings according to your guide ive checked the ports on my router all fine b4 i risk dickering my router i was wondering if you have any other suggestions.


AND I have a linksys router wrt54g5 i know this router might be the problem according to the thread but i havent changed anything about it and i use to get 100-150 k/s dl speeds

i have windows xp

the built in tesh port program says your port is fine

i get the green lightcheck mark in utorrent

I have spybot and adaware and periodically microtrend housecall

if anything stands out as the problem from the info here id appreciate a response if its not enough ill provide all info requested in the if nothing else helps thread when i have more time

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