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uTorrent suddenly stopped downloading/seeding automatically?


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Recently, I have come to noticed that my uTorrent stopped automatically seeding as much as it used to. When I mouse over the icon in the taskbar, it states that there are 253(253) seeding, but in over 24 hours, I only manage to upload ~8MB of data? I for one know that I can and used to upload much more than that in a day. Also, under my profile on the tracker website, it will state that I'm only seeding 53 of my total 253 torrents.

In addition, when I download a torrent, it doesn't automatically start to download from the tracker. I usually have to completely close uTorrent, and open it again for it to start registering that there are seeds and peers.

I haven't changed any settings. My ports are forwarded correctly. Any idea what the problem could be?

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