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folder with completed downloads has disappeared


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I'm running uTorrent Mac Version (15399), on OS X 10.5.6. uTorrent's been running fine with occasional "Error: Invalid data state, try resuming".

About 10 mins ago I noticed that error on one of the torrents, so I restarted uTorrent. Then noticed that all the uploading files have "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck." I go to to open the uTorrent downloads folder and find out that the folder is gone. And my drive now shows about 50GB of free space that wasn't there 10 mins ago. I did have an alias (linked shortcut) to the uTorrent download folder. It was previously called "uTorrent downloads" and has been renamed by the system to ".de0d3d.101". Inside is only one torrent download, the one that caused me to restart uTorrent 10 mins ago.

Any ideas what happened? If uTorrent has "deleted" the completed downloads, is there a way to recover those 50GB of files?

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