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25kB/s Max


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My total downloading speed can't ever go above 25kB/s... This started only recently, and I don't know why. I've already searched a bit and screwed with the settings, but nothing has helped. Unlike some other people, it doesn't matter what time it is. Throughout the entire day I can never exceed 25kB/s. Ordinary direct downloads work fine, of course. And I'm sure I didn't set a download limit. Sorry if this is a stupid, obvious question... I just want a direct, clear answer. My ISP is Bell and that's all I know.

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No, I didn't. For sure.

Yeah, I found out a bit while I was searching. I followed some guide to get passed it but it didn't work for me. I've set protocol encryption to Forced and it isn't helping. I've also kept the "Allow incoming legacy connections" box unchecked atm, if that has something to do with anything.

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Bell ADSL ISP in Canada severely throttles BitTorrent (and other things) now. :(

Previously, port 1720 wasn't as heavily throttled (according to rumors), but I doubt that's the case now.

You'll probably need FORCED outgoing encryption...and I don't know if you'll be better off with or without incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections.

Disable Resolve IPs (Right-click in PEERS window of a torrent) and also disable DHT if you're mostly using private torrents or very busy public torrents.

Teredo/IPv6 or uTP connections in v1.8.3 might help...learn how to get uTorrent to use ONLY them.

Bottom of first post here for how to get uTorrent to only make uTP connections:


Make sure your networking hardware and software can handle high UDP packet rates! A lot of consumer stuff can't!

2nd link in my signature...LOTS of connections won't make your results better! You may even be better off reducing global and per torrent connection max below 40!

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