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i read the faqs and everyting, need help with download speeds


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so i did everything in the faqs and setup guides perfectly, i enabled ports etc. i even searched google for over 4 hrs to see if there was something not in the guide that could increase my speeds. at first i was getting .04 kb/s but now my speed increased dramatically to 70-100 kb/s. still tho, compared to regular download speeds i get off different sites (like 1mb/s) its excruciatingly slow. my friends computer also gets like 200-300 compared to my 70-100. my internet connection is verizon fios so i doubt tahts an issue. and i dont wanna hear anything about port forwarding cuz i got the green check and ive opened all ports 6881-6999 AND the port in the speed guide section that gives u the green check. im just mainly wondering if the 70-100 is normal and bittorent is naturally 1/10 the speed of any other site that allows me to download games etc. or if there is something im missing and some more i can do to increase speeds. getting from .04-70 kb/s a big but still not that great...

edit: also all of a sudden recently, (before the setup guide it was pretty high, always about 100kb/s) after the setup guide about 50 is my max now... i just noticed...

edit edit: also idk how bittorent works but i heard that it works off of seeding and stuff (w/e that is) im assuming its like it gathers information from various locations and sends it to the downloader, meaning at dif times its faster and dif times its slower but idk. i can only get 5/9 seeds connected and 15 of 46 peers for this download. that could be the issue that the torrent itself does not have enouhg seeders/peers?

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Your problem is probably networking software+hardware issues as well.

Once you fix those, I would expect you to at least be able to sustain 100 KB/sec down and probably more up.

Do not use ports 6881-6999 for uTorrent. Even if your ISP doesn't throttle/disrupt those, many other ISPs do. uTorrent only needs ONE incoming port forwarded, on both TCP and UDP if you care to use the DHT network and uTP connections.

2nd link in my signature is my Speed Guide. For now, try the 1 megabit/sec upload settings.

Information asked for by the 1st link in my signature may help us+you solve the networking issues...

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