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Double Posting Not Allowed


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Hi all,

I understand that doubleposting is not allowed, but I do not understand how one's supposed to use this forum. Let me explain:

A number of days ago I made a post in the speed section. I got no answers.

Now I wanted to ask again if anybody knew what could be causing the problem as well as add some interesting discovery that I think might be related. So I typed out a reply and tried to post it, but got back the message that I am not allowed to double post.

Then I simply reverted to adding the same text to my original post with a [[edit]] tag above it. However, there is a problem with this: my post still resides cosily on the third page, where I am basically assured not to get any new replies. Now I wonder, how should I handle if I want my new info to be read?

Should I make a new topic, restating my case and adding this new info?

Is there some other way to get people to see your new info? (other than making a new account, adding a random reply so I can reply under my usual account again - as I don't think that will be appreciated either)

If the answer to all of these questions is no, I guess this is either an oversight or the attitude of the forum is something along the lines of "Just get lost, if you're problem does not get solved right away, we don't want you here", which I think is a pretty lousy attitude.

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