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know how to change static ip to a point and now stumped...


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k ive been spending days researching port forwarding and learned enough about changing my static ip on my broadband router to a point of whats above. Problem is when i do so the internet does not work for me.

Also if i type in the brower it goes to the Bell setup page or w/e nothing like the pages ive seen on the net from other peoples comp. As in if I go ito the advanced application page there is no port forwarding option.

so i partially got through changing my ip and typed in the browser and it gives me the try again page. i geuss cause ip wasnt changed yet lol

I have windows XP home with sp2 and just want to forward my ports to utorrent but i know i cant with and know somewhat how to change the ip with the command prompt and the properties section of the protocol in local area connection as far as entering in my own info, then the youtube video said if u cant log onto the page in your browser then its different and told me to go to portforward.com but cant find nothing. So how do i continue with changing my IP after i enter my info in the protocol in Local Area Connection.

i know u guys have seen this to much but i got pretty far in my knowledge and am now stumped, very frustrating, tired of 20kb/s downloading and tired of streaming movies lol

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