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TCP set up, And DHT log in qusetion.

I nee help

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So i set up my router fire wall for the TCP and Port (or Range) to 6881-6999 as i was reading on this site, And thats what it said to do.

And i got my fire wall on my comp set to allow the port through,

Im a bit new at making changes, And the reason im asking if i did this right is because after i made the changes, And updated the ports to allow the connection, My DHT wont sign in.

Also wean i click the green check mark and test to see if the port is forwarded properly.

It says there is an error, That my port does not appear to be open.

But why the green check mark, Shouldn't be red or the yellow one if there is a problem?

So, Ya...Like i said just want to make sure i got it set right.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Oh one more thing, sorry if i posted in the wrong section.

And i hope i was clear enough for you to understand what im asking, I dont know if i said even half of this stuff right.

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