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hi this is my first post so i just have to start with i love this program and haven't used other program since i found utorrent.

But i have a little idea for people who uses both stationary computer and one laptop on the go and have girlfriend with laptop that wants to download but don't got computer on all the time.

The idea is that it should be an option to open file in remote utorrent in the ordinary utorrent.

For example i have utorrent on three computer where only one of them actually downloading and the other ones just puts in torrents to the first computer.

Hope u get what i mean that would help allot if u have like me three different computers where only one is on line all the time and the others uses for example mobile broad band.

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the thing is then i have to download and the upload it would be great to hve it all in one.

Btw i got webui love that to but my girlfriend dont know how to use it.

If it where intergrated u only klick torrent link and it adds in remote computer automaticly

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yeah thats true but it would be great with a simpler sulotion cus i dont think im alone with manny computers and a computer noob as girlfriend :)


or just a little program thats associated with .torrent that uploads files to the client so u just click torrent and it starts at home


Found the perfect solution https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-SE/firefox/addon/7715

it lets you just klick a torrent link and it adds it direct in to the web ui and then lets me know everything worked out fine

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