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File complete, but it is in other file


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I already have no disk space.

I have this three files. The first one I chose to "skip" (do not download), the second is complete (100%) and the third has just completed.

The problem is that the third file has the data on the first file. The third file that is 100% only has 22mb, and the first file has 380mb.

First file has like 1.7% completed.

I have been reading the FAQ and searching the forum, but have not been capable of resolve this.

Any help?

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Thank you 1c3d0g, but only the third one is similar to my problem.

Also, the first file *only* has parts of the third file, because when I started downloading the third file, the second file was already complete even on the disk space, the first and third files were 0 bytes.

Firon: I did not changed anything on that advanced section. Even I checked to see if that "bt.compact_allocation" was set to "false", and it is on the state "false" now as always.

Well, thanks anyway. I have an idea now. Bye.

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