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uTorrent makes my router stop working


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So I've been using uTorrent for a while, but ever since I got a new router a couple months ago, uTorrent seems to make it crash or stop working when it's in full use. When downloading with uTorrent without any kind of upload or download cap, the router seems to simply suddenly stop working every couple of hours and requires a restart of the router to fix. However, when I put a download and upload cap on (at 50kb/s download, 5kb/s upload), it seems to work fine. This has been frustrating me for months, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

uTorrent Version: 1.8.2

Router Model: D-Link DIR-615

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Your ISP, Shaw Cable ISP in Canada also disrupts/throttles BitTorrent traffic. ...This may be making your router even MORE unstable/crash. :(

Try uTorrent v1.8.3?

Disable UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT (both kinds), LPD, Resolve IPs?

Also, is Teredo/IPv6 and/or uTP connections active in uTorrent?

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