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"Bad file descriptor" error when adding files previously deselected


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I have an issue with "Don't download" preference.

I've started a torrent, went to Files portion and deselected few files so they're not downloading and then I downloaded the files I wanted. But later on, I realized I want the rest of the files and when I changed their setting to "Normal Priority", I get: "Error: Bad file descriptor"

Anyone know how to fix that?


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This is one of the bugs I hope will get fixed soon too.

What you need to do as a workaround is the following:

- Open the torrent in Finder ("Show in Finder").

- Enter the torrent directory.

- Delete the "~uTorrentPartFile_##########.dat" file.

- Do a uTorrent "Force Re-Check" on the torrent.

- Start the torrent when the re-check is done.

Then it should continue downloading with the new files enabled.

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