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to seeding we is possible to load file?


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i ask about possibility to seeding with ou'r torrent client.

So what should make user, to have possibility, to reload a finished torrent file?

here i spoke in case to can reload a file and to can add it directly into upload category, nothing download.

Because, i have try it, but each time, the file go to Download category, not upload so i don't can follow to seed file.

on my C:\Documents and Settings\.....\Application Data\uTorrent, it give a file called Settings.dat.

Should user to add file here?

So should user to modify this file?

To moment, the alone posibility to seeding, is to create a full new torrent file, with option seeding, but i don't would recreate a new torrent file.

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You have to browse and choose the containing folder where are the associated data to the .torrent.

Of course, files and filenames must be the same as specified in the .torrent.

If you have reloaded the torrent, just stop the torrent job, right click and relocate it. Then force a recheck and uT will seed it.

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