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Torrent stuck at 99.8% 3 pieces missing


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First of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm from a south american country named Bolivia... I have been downloading for the past few days a torrent 10 Gb long

It is a movie divided in 2 discs, I downloaded the Disc 1 first, no probelm with that one, but i have progressed up to 99.8% with the other one and i can`t seem to get those last 3 missing pieces.(0 hashfails, 5.36 MB wasted)

The pieces are part of the .vob files corresponding to the main video, so i dunno if i'm gonna be able to burn it without them

Finally the torrent DOES have seeders 1 of 2 at this moment... and I understand a lot of people are stuck in the same situation, so I wonder if anyone here can give me a hand with this one!

Thanks in advance!!

The tracker is TPB

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avail shows 1.998 at the moment, with one seed, still stuck

checking the peerlist, right now there are like 15 people stuck in my situation, all up to 99.8, and there is one visible seed, at 100.0 percent but it still won't complete

the 100.0 peer flags are dS HXE which, i think, mean that it's snubbed and choked :S

does it make a difference if that peer is using an older version of uTorrent???

Actually, i did got a D in that peer's flag which indicates i'm not choked and i'm downloading, but it didn't download anything, what can i do?

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But shouldn't at least one of those 99.8 peers get to 100?? sorry for being a pain in the a$$ XD

Also, i read some comments on the torrent that date to 2007 or so, and it seems those people didn't finish it either

Thank you for all your cooperation!

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There's also the possibility that the lone "seed" has a damaged copy...probably an MP3 player/media player program modified that torrent's MP3 tags, thus making the last piece of the torrent bad. Since they never do a force recheck of their data, they never learn this.

On top of that, if the piece size is 4 MB AND the single seed has global upload set to 1 KB/sec AND is running 20 other torrents...then the time for 1 peer to complete that piece from the seed is probably measured in weeks. ...And that's assuming the piece is good. :(

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