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Reasons for orange triangle in statsbar - other than configuration?


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Hi I hope I may obtain a little help.

I have a small problem, which I am unable to resolve. It may be that it's related to a new version of the firewall I am using, but I wish to explore all possibilities.

First of all, I am not currently using a router, so if the problem is configuration, it's elsewhere.

Yesterday I installed a new version of Comodo CIS and since then I have the orange triangle in the status bar. Prior to the installation of CIS 3.10, I never had this issue, I always had the green light.

I have tried numerous things to no avail, so here I am.

I have removed and reinstalled uTorrent - stable and beta

I have removed and recreated my firewall rules (they have always worked in the past)

I don't have any block lists or ipfilters

Torrents seem to behave the way they should, I haven't perceived any loss of speed. Hash fails are minimal, as is waste.

However, the triangle remains. I also get the error page when I check to see if the ports are forwarded correctly.

If you have any ideas, I'd be most grateful.


EDIT: No worries, it fixed itself, although why it took two days...

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