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Relocating - One song at a time?

Pixel Eater

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When I download music (generally .flac's) I assimilate them into my collection by masstagging and naming them properly. This makes them slightly different from the original downloads.

At that point, I keep a original copy in the seedbox and the new version on my PC.

My problem is I lost the originals when my terabyte died. Now I'm taking one torrent at a time and changing "Set Download Location..." then using "Force Re-Check" on the altered files.

The next step, I swear wasn't necessary in uTorrent a long time ago. I am having to do one song at a time, choosing "Relocate..." so uTorrent understands the new file names. What I thought I remembered is uTorrent detecting the nearly identical files and beating them into submission either way. Did I imagine it?

Edit: Okay, so what I am looking for is a way to have uTorrent use the hash to realize the files are the same and take on the new names. Or better, just force the files to be renamed. Has this ever been implemented?

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This is what I did.

Scenario: I actually tag, rename, and organize all of my music. I needed to reverse engineer/unsort this music to restore my torrents, since seeding on private trackers especially matters and hit and runners suck! ;)

I wanted the files in original condition in case anything like this happened again, so my basic method was using foobar2000's mass renamer to match the original naming scheme for each album (about 80% were already %tracknumber% - %title%). Each time I redownloaded a torrent, I copy pasted the directory name out of uTorrent's Save As field.

In uTorrent, I used some specific directories. "Put new downloads in" was set to the folder where I'd paste each album to be restored. "Move completed downloads to" gets set to their final resting place and I used another folder for "Move .torrents for finished jobs to". In this way, uTorrent's "force recheck" could discover about 98% of each album and restore the remaining 2% through peers.

Needless to say I'll be more religious about backing up uTorrent in the future.

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