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Why do I have slow downloads when all my ports are open?


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I have had uTorrent for months and months on this computer and my last one and it has always been really slow (like 0.1kb/s)

I have always been reading things and searching on youtube for them to go faster but they rather stay the same or go slower.

Then I thought I figured it out, my port was closed. So today I have spent a few hours finding out how to open them and get them running correctly. Eventually I see the green tick on the bottem of my uTorrent and I check the port and it works :)

However, this has not done anything to my downloads. I spend ages getting the static IP to open the port etc etc and I have my firewall off as some people said to do.

Now I really need help as anything I do makes no difference at all.. I have done so much that knowing me you will respond with a way to fix it and I have probally already done it and forgot to put it in here.

Please help me if you can or ask me questions on what my settings are etc and ill respond..

Im not sure if I can add my skype address on here so PM me if you want it and ill give it you if its hard to explain.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi what makes you say your Ports are opened?? Did you test them with a Port Checker??

Are you on DSL?? IF so what is the make and model of your Modem?? What port diod you open??when you selected a static IP did you pick one outside the range of your Routers DHCP Start & End IP??

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