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Real upload speed is double the displayed


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I'm using the latest version of µTorrent and generally am happy with hit, however

when I checked my real bandwidth speeds using Net Meeter the upload speed is

usually very close to the upload speed I set.

If I set 50 kb/s limit and that limit is used (50kb/s average displayed

in UL-Rate) the real speed is about 100 to 115 kb/s.

(If I set it to 30 and that is also displayed I get 65 to 75 kb/s real).

Is this known? Is this a bug or a wanted feature?

Also, it appears that if I lower upload, download speed sometimes also

suffers - any explanations?

Thanx in Advance!

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Your uTorrent settings may be too high for your connection, flooding out your upload. :(

uTorrent's speed graph generally only reports bytes of the torrent files downloaded and uploaded, not all the networking overhead traffic necessary to do so. :(

So if you have very few connections, the numbers should be close.

If you have very many connections plus many extra features in uTorrent turned on (most are on by default) that ALSO use extra bandwidth, it's understandable to see 2x as much upload used by a network monitoring program than shown by uTorrent's speed graph.

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