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1.8.3 Utorrent - Hard to speed up - Ramp up problem


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I have used uTorrent for many years now and I have enjoyed the program every since I installed it! But I'm a bit sad to say that with the version 1.8.3 my uTorrent does not ramp up in speed and the number of torrents that I am sharing as it did in version 1.8.2. At first I thought that this was a beta problem. This problem was later found by developers and fixed so I downloaded this good and new version of uTorrent beta 1.8.3. That build would do it, I thought. But no. Still that fix didn't do the trix. Went back to 1.8.2. Waited for final release of 1.8.3. Got 1.8.3 final. ...same problem.

With 1.8.3 I have/get:

* Slow start up with the sharing.

* 5 - 10 torrents that are active.

* All torrents share maybe 5 - 60 kb. May been a record at 100 sometimes.

With 1.8.2 I have/get:

* Fast start up with sharing and download. Takes only 15 seconds, maybe, until my hard drive is have a blast.

* Right now im sharing 55 torrents.

* Usually I have an upload of 5 - 6 mbit per second.

It's a pretty big difference between x.3 and .2. Am I doing something wrong? All options are the same (maxed out so to speak) and my port has been forwarded through my router. I have 200mbits in and 200mbits out.

Can you help me with this? Would really love to use the latest version, and I think that this might be a real hard nut to crack for you.

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Thank you very much for the fast reply!

First off: I live in Sweden and 200 mbit/s is not that strange over here. Of course that is not the realistic speed that one can achieve. Just tested my line and it says 32.00 mbit/s in and 50.37 mbit/s out. Never going to come close to 200, but that does not matter, since a normal harddrive starts to have speed/reading issues at around 7 - 8 mbit/s. Now as I write I have in: 35.0 k and out 2.94 Mbit/s with 38 active torrents. I would like to share more, but this will be fine for now. Got to wait until more people come home and turn on their computers. Anyway, If I would have used 1.8.3 i guess that there would have been 5 active torrents and a total of up: 10 - 50 kbit/s.

Second: I thank you for the link about the possible uTP problem. It sounds like we all have the same issue and that it all came with version 1.8.3. An investigation about this would be good.

Third: If it is to any use; I use and have:

* Nod32 Xp 32-bit 4.0.437.0

* MS XP SP 3

* Portforwarded in my router

* Greenlight in uTorrent at the bottom of the program in both 1.8.2 and 1.8.3.

Have a nice day now Mr Bad News Moderator and everyone else too!

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