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Help with creating rss feed


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I'm having some issues making an RSS feed for utorrent.

I would like to make my own feed rather than use some of the ones publicly available.

I have a web form that asks for a description of torrent, and then for torrent url (among other things).

I then use a php script to create the xml required for the feed.

The issue I'm having is there seems to be no tutorial anywhere for this. There's plenty telling me how to use feeds with utorrent, but none on how to make the feeds themselves. I'd like to be able to understand WHY I am doing something. It's easy enough to copy and paste the source of another feed, but I want to learn something while I'm doing this.

To shed a little light on things: I'm trying to make an iPhone compatible web page that will allow me to add torrents to feeds on the go. That way I could start to download a file (via utorrents feed capabilities) during the day, and it will be sitting waiting for me to use when I get home from work. This is for personal use and not a way to distribute other people's torrents myself.

I fully understand that there's a web ui that is adequate for this purpose. Just humor me here would you?

Is there a detailed tutorial for creating TORRENT feeds? I know how to make the standard, basic kind of rss feed, but getting my feed to attach a torrent file and have it download is proving frustratingly difficult.

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