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Encryption behavior and "allow incoming legacy connections"


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Hey folks,

I just started using the Mac client this week and I must say it's beautiful. Only question so far is if their is a round about way to force encryption on incoming connections as we can with the windows client's "allow incoming legacy connections" [unchecked].

Noticed a number of connections flagged "I U" were missing the E and realized there wasn't a way to control this [as of yet].. everything outgoing working as expected.



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I just talked to Theron, and he recommends the following:

Copy your settings.dat to a windows machine (c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/uTorrent)

Run uTorrent

Open the preferences, and choose the BitTorrent pane

Uncheck "Allow incoming legacy connections"

Hit OK and exit uTorrent.

Copy settings.dat back to your mac.

Be aware that this may reduce the number of peers you get depending on the number of peers making outbound encrypted connections, the torrent, etc.

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