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Cocoa GUI for WebUI - Mac OS X 10.5+


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Hi All,

It's only a concept at the moment (no coding has been done, only an interface mockup in Xcode), but if there's any Mac users out there like myself, I think we are missing out on a fair bit (like uRemote). So here's 'uRemote' for Mac.


It's no where near completion. Listen again. No coding has been done. That's why I've come here. This is a mockup for someone to work with. I don't know Objective-C! If you're willing to contribute, I'll happily upload the Xcode project files for everyone.

I'm uploading this because there are no Mac-based contributions in the forum. I run an Ubuntu seedbox and I have to use WebUI and VNC. When you have over 100 tabs open in Firefox all the time and it isn't open, I want a quick way to view my torrents, without resorting to VNC.

So there it goes. Hopefully something gets done with it. If not, so well.

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