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RED Circle Problems??


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SOOO, probably a very common question but browsing the forums did not give me the answer i need to fix this problem...

So i have the red ring on the bottom of utorrent, it says no incoming traffic, and the dl speed sits at about 25 kb/s or lower, occasionally though it can reach as high as 150 for about 5 mins, then back to shit.

So i am using a motorola router with ddwrt, and i properly forwarded the port and everything, but still the speed report says it is not working. I have tried numerous ports....

So it works, it's just slow, and broken.

This started happening after i switched my isp modem from bridged to regular mode, where the modem handled the pppoe instead of the router, its more reliable but this started happening and now i cant forward...I use a router that does dhcp for all my computers, so my torrent system is like

anybody know how to fix this?

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well, the modem brand is westell

That could work, but it's pretty unreliable for power outages and such...

I'm not sure if having the ports screwed up is really a problem or not. For instance im dl a torrent right now, with 31 seeds and 6 peers, and average is about 25 kb/s or so, but sometimes it goes up to around 70 and stays there for a while. My max dl speed for anything seems to be 150 kb/s, so is bittorrent just slow, or is this my connection?

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