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Error:the request could not be performed because of an I/O error


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I have just started to have problems downloading onto my external drive

every time I download a new torrent it downloads about 0.2% of the torrent then it stops it and says

"the request could not be performed because of an I/O error"

Which is understandable except that a torrent I was previously to the same Path on the same drive is working perfectly fine its randomly started doing this with every torrent I have been trying to download to that drive.

Also I have reformatted the drive only a week before this and I really don't wanna reformat it again because I have semi-important data on this drive

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I'm not sure but this is what they say

This is from the newest torrent I was trying to download and just 3 days ago I reformatted the drive . . But this error only happens when the drive has 137GB of free space left

[2009-07-21 15:27:04] IPv6 is installed

[2009-07-21 15:27:04] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:4137:9e50:3882:3d6a:bb6c:1a5a

[2009-07-21 15:46:15] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:7030856 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:46:15] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:7030856 count:2097152 actual:0

[2009-07-21 15:47:16] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:9128008 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:47:16] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:9128008 count:2097152 actual:0

[2009-07-21 15:48:11] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:124657736 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:48:11] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:124657736 count:2097152 actual:0

[2009-07-21 15:48:22] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:126754888 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:48:22] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:126754888 count:2097152 actual:0

[2009-07-21 15:49:20] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:103610440 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:49:20] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:103610440 count:2097152 actual:0

[2009-07-21 15:49:35] IO Error:1117 line:429 align:1 pos:105707592 count:2097152 actual:-99

[2009-07-21 15:49:35] IO Error:1117 line:685 align:512 pos:105707592 count:2097152 actual:0

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