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what happened between 406 and 413?


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With 406 I got exactly one request from Norton Antivirus 2006 about permit or deny.

I downloaded 413 and i was getting a request a second!

Eventually i just deleted it and redownloaded 406. and had no problem again.

What's the deal? something to do with the new peer stuff?


And before anyone bitches, YES i read the FAQs:

Norton Anti-virus keeps prompting me to permit or block µTorrent!

Norton Anti-virus will continually prompt you to permit or block µTorrent regardless of if you hit Permit or Block. This is caused by NAV's Worm Protection (which is useless and only causes problems). The solution is to turn off the Worm Protection-- it doesn't actually protect you from anything. A better solution is to use an anti-virus that isn't so easily foiled; NAV's "protection" is easily broken by most modern worms and viruses. NOD32, Kaspersky, PC-cillin, and AVG are better solutions.

MY question is that with 406 I only got *ONE* request and never got another one. Yet with 413 I get spammed with them. What was changed that broke it like that..

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