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Windows 7 and utorrent slowness


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I know Win7 probably isn't supported by uTorrent right now. I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. Basically I upgraded to Win 7 RC from Win 7 beta last week, and ever since then uTorrent has a problem with slow queuing. Usually when I start uTorrent up, it starts downloading almost as soon. Now it can take forever for files to get past the queue stage. I didn't have this problem with Win 7 beta. Also it slows down my web browsing even after I close it, though it does get faster when I restart the browser.

Some info-

Nod32, and Bitdefender messed up my internet connection when I first upgrade. Had to do complete uninstalls of those, and browsing is fine now unless I run uTorrent.

My dsl connection maxes out around 130-150 KB download, but it can be downloading as little as 5kb and it will slow my browsing down.

I have peerguardian, though not running it doesn't change the problem.

So anyone have any ideas how I can get it running like it use to? Maybe a reinstall?

Edit- Forgot to mention I am running Amd 64bit X2. I see the help for that in the faq, but that is probably too old?

Edit2- Reinstalled. Didn't work.

Edit3- Should also mention I got 25 torrents downloading, and 15 seeds on stop.

Edit 4- Forward the port on my router, though I never did that before. Once again I also should have said that the downloads that are working are fast. Just very few (4,5) are downloading. Also choosing start does nothing. I have to choose Force Start.

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