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Local Area Connection went from 100Mbps to 10Mbps, not sure why....


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I was trying to refresh my IP address, so I used the command prompt, and did an "Ipconfig Release", and then a "IPconfig Renew".

I also went to my TCP/IP settings for my local area connection and changed the IP and DNS settings to AUTOMATIC instead of using a specific one.

I am still connected to the internet, but connection speed is now 10.0mbps instead of the 100mbps it was before.

This is affecting my overall surfing speed as well as my Utorrent download speeds.

This occured on my Desktop PC, running XP.

Is there anyone else who has run into this problem or could offer some help?

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ComCast doesn't offer a 100 megabit/second internet connection...other than VERY expensive fiber optic business lines.

What you probably mean is the speed of the Ethernet cable between your computer and your cablemodem has for whatever the reason changed from 100 megabit/second to 10 megabit/second. :(

...That's still pretty bad, because even ComCast's slowest official speed line bursts slightly faster than 10 megabit/second (about 1-1.2 MegaBYTES/second) on download.

You many need to change your network card's link speed in Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

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Thanks for your response Switeck.

I'll give the link speed setting a try, but what I dont understand is how something as simple as refreshing my ip or at least trying could somehow alter those settings or change my ethernet cable speed to 10.0mbps...

It was running perfectly at 100.mbps before I went into the command prompt and also changed my tcp/ip settings to automatic.

How could the link speed have changed automatically without me going in and manually changing it?

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Thanks for the help switeck, I changed my network card's link speed.

It was set at Half Duplex 10.0mbps, so I changed it to "Auto Negotiate" and my connection speed went back to 100mbps.

I'm not sure what happened, and what that link speed was originally set to, or if it even changed at all but as soon as I changed it to auto negotiate, the status changed to 100mbps.

I never dealt with those settings before so I'm not sure which would be better, because there were also other available settings that said 100.0mbps, full duplex, etc...

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