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External hard drive question


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That is not recommended.

USB is not made to handle the many non-sequential writes and reads of µtorrent very well. If you experience OS freezes or the drive disappears from time to time then it's because of that.

Also µtorrent is almost constantly reading and writing which increases the chances of issues (data corruption, drive damage, comp freeze, etc) if you somehow disconnect your drive improperly. So always disconnect it using the proper procedure.

That said, it works exactly the same as saving to your normal drive. Just browse to your external drive when you add torrents and/or set a folder on the external drive as default download location.

Moving your currently loaded torrents is a bit of work though. If you have many if might be best to use the beencode editor. At your own risk of course. For instructions take a glance at http://filesharefreak.com/2008/11/02/utorrent-move-all-your-downloaded-files-keep-seeding/

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