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1.8.3 torrent name in downloading file list


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What's with the name now ? There is some little icon added to the torrent name in window of downloading torrents. It seems the icon is a generic "folder" icon that has been added to the file name and cannot be removed. It is quite ugly.

Can we please remove this ?

Whether something is a single file or a folder isn't important - if it is, then it should be added as a column heading that can be added or removed.

Please don't mess with the name itself.

Can this be removed ?

Or am I confused ? One torrent is now seeding as it is finished downloading - so there is a green uploading arrow in the place of the other "folder" icon

Did the downloading arrow disappear ? There is no arrow showing the download - just the so-called folder icon.

Something is wrong here in this version I think

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