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System requirements a little misleading. PPC also works.


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I used to use Vuze which was far to slow in... well everything! Even bringing up it' own GUI, so I thought I'd try Micro Torrent. Great piece of kit, love it to bits, I can actually do other things in the background now without my entire computer running itself into the ground.

Anyway, praise aside...

The system requirements say OSX 10.5 (Leopard) on Intel processors only but I downloaded uTorrent and tried it anyway on my PowerBook G4 (PPC G4 1.5GHz) and it runs flawlessly without any modification to my system. If it works on a G4 then it should work on a PPC G5 too.

The system requirements should be changed to "OSX 10.5 PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 & Intel".

Just thought I'd let everyone know. :)


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Whoops, sorry for pressing the report button. It's a habit of mine to click the first button on the bottom right of a forum because it's the quote button on all other forums I visit. :x


What kind of problems? I'll keep an eye out for them but so far I've had no problems to speak of with the latest beta. I've downloaded almost 8GB worth of cartoons, the files that are complete run flawlessly, and the application interacts perfectly with Spaces and Exposé. It hasn't crashed once.

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