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Help: uTorrent 1.8.3 + MS Security Essentials = High DPC Latency

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When you use MS Security Essentials ( https://connect.microsoft.com/securityessentials ) together with uTorrent (1.8.3) the DPC latency increases dramatically after 3-4 hours of working. If you restart uTorrent or disable and then reenable the MSE Realtime Protection the DPC latency drops back to minimal level.

Here are the screenshots (DPC Latency Checker from http://www.thesycon.de/ was used) :

1) The PC is restarted, MSE (with Realtime protection turned on) and uTorrent are loaded. The DPC Latency checker shows minimal DPC latency level: http://www.rugby-forum.ru/temp/morro1.jpg .

2) MSE and uTorrent were not restarted for 5-6 hours. Note the increased DPC Latency: http://www.rugby-forum.ru/temp/morro2.jpg .

3) The MSE Realtime protection was turned off and then back on. DPC latency drops back to minimal level: http://www.rugby-forum.ru/temp/morro3.jpg .

Do you have some ideas how can I fix this?

Thank you!

I reported this issue to MSE developers as well ( https://connect.microsoft.com/securityessentials/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=473290 ).

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I've got the same problem with high DPC Latency (crackling sound).

My MB is Asus P5Q-E + 8GB Ram + Radeon 4770 + onboard sound only.

Windows 7 64 bit + Microsoft Security Essentials + uTorrent 2.0.1 beta 18408.

After 2-5 hours latency increases from ~300us to 2000-10000us. If I restart MSE or uTorrent latency resets to minimal.

I've already tried various sound+network+raid+video drivers and BIOSes. But only today I see the cause: MSE+uTorrent...

Some other antivirus can help with this? Has anybody tried it with the same problem?...

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I am having an identical problem. After running utorrent 2.0 and MSE, my DPC latency goes nuts. I tried disabling the network card, and exiting utorrent which helped some. But what really fixed it was restarting MSE.

Would be interested in any solution to this problem.

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Confirming the exact same issue.

I've switched from Norton 2010 to MSSE a week ago and got it exactly as described here - the growing DPC latency begins to cause sound pops and clicks in about a day of uptime. Disabling and re-enabling MSSE realtime protection clears the issue for the next day. Had changed a bunch of sound drivers before I had nailed down the real culprit 8(

Windows 7 RTM Ultimate, MSSE 1.0.1961.0 and uTorrent 2.0.1 (18973).

Nothing was changed in uTorrent settings since Norton times.

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From the MSE forum:

I've had a number of calls with MS Tech Support regarding the separate ticket I have opened, mentioned earlier in this thread (1130975760). The status is that the MSE engineering team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix


It's good. I've got good news too - issue reproduced with explorer and IIS after whole night of downloading. All we have to do is to wait.

For the record, I switched from Microsoft Security Essentials to Avast! last week, and my DSP latency issues went away. Doesn't seem to actually be a uTorrent problem, indeed. :)

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