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uTorrent is trying to send e-mail messages (as per Zone Alarm)


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Greetings, have updated to and to my big surprise found

this morning a warning from Zone Alarm asking whether I was agreable

to grant permission to uTorrent to send e-mail messages.

According to ZA the program was willing to connect to

Not having a clue of what was going on here have stopped such activity, just in case something wrong. But uTorrent is still working fine and are downloading at about 85.7 k this very moment.

Any idea of what was that? Did I made something wrong? Is that request a normal, legit one?

Thanks beforehand!

Last but not least, I got the from the official website.


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And I would like to add:

bt.no_connect_to_services: This option tells µTorrent not to connect to peers using ports specified in bt.no_connect_to_services_list as their listening ports. This stops firewalls from complaining about µTorrent trying to send an e-mail.

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