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Inactive Torrents?


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Hi everyone,

I'm using µTorrent on my Macbook and everytime I try to download a new torrent file, it always shows up as inactive almost immediately. I've tried to download both smaller files and larger ones and each time, its the same, shows as 0b transferred and Activity as 0% even though I can see that the file itself is seeded. Does this have something to do with my security settings on my machine or have I just been unlucky enough to have been downloading torrents which aren't reliable?

Thanks for any suggestions as this is driving me nuts :D


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I Also Downloaded Utorrent For Mac And I Have Yet To Get A Single Download Where It Is Not Inactive. I Have Tried Ones With Lots Of Seeders And One's With No Leechers And Lots Of Seeder Everything. I Have Scoured The Forums I Am At A Loss. Help Plz

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