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Update to v1.8.3 when asked - torrents gone


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Hi all,

I just spent well over the last 2 hours trying to get through the FAQs, stickies, and search results, so apologies if I missed anything relevant!

I clicked on a torrent to download the torrent from a site, and used Firefox's (v3.0.11 on Win XP Pro SP3) "Open with..." download dialog option as I often do. Since uTorrent wasn't running at the time, it opened with the usual dialog to add the torrent.

After that, it popped up with the "There's a new version available" dialog, to which I clicked the option to download and install.

It appeared to download very fast, and install, since when it came back up again, it now claims to be v1.8.3. Unfortunately, when it came back up again, it didn't have any of my previously active torrents. I thought maybe it'd been confused by the fact that I was starting uTorrent via "Open with..." and having it also happen to update right away... So I tried just quitting and re-starting uTorrent, but still the only torrent there was the single one that I had just downloaded and started immediately before the update.

The most relevant thread I found was: "Update to latest beta build nuked my install." at:


Where the person seems to have experienced a similar loss of torrents upon updating - except that that person was updating to a different version, as well as it being a beta... and, just in case - I checked my bt.graceful_shutdown option and it was already set to "true"

I had had some of my downloads on an old drive, and some on a new drive (both external 1TB USB drives) - and though I had the 3 directories for the "Location of .torrents" on my old drive, I'd updated the "Location of Downloaded Files" to the new drive. (thus any new torrents I've added since I started using the new drive are downloading to the new drive, while torrents that were still going from before I started using the new drive were still being downloaded to the old drive - until they're completed and moved to the new one)

I can probably mix and match my torrents by hand and figure out which ones were being downloaded and manually re-add and re-start the ones that were going - but was there something I did wrong, or something that I should have done that I didn't, that might have caused this.

It'd be nice to know for future reference, at least... since... as I say - I've probably been at this for close to 3 hours now, and probably could have just manually re-added and resumed the relevant torrents in 10 or 15 minutes... but hey - I learned a bunch of stuff from the FAQ! :)

Thanks & Cheers!

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