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High CPU and Hard Drive usage when downloading on Drive of size 500GB!


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I am using uTorrent for years, never had any problem.

Recently acquired a 500 GB Seagate hard drive which is additional to the already available 320 GB drive on my computer.

Whenever trying to download any torrent with the download location on the 500 GB drive, CPU spikes up and system freezes, even the hard drives' activity increases a lot. The same torrent when tried to download on the old 320 GB drive as the download location, it works like a charm, absolutely no issue there.

I guess the problem is either with the 500 GB drive's caching or with the uTorrent settings for drives of that size. When googled, found that many have similar issues not just with uTorrent, but with different bittorrent clients when using a 500 GB hard drive, however, found no solution there!!

Please let me know if I can solve this.



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