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mode affecting uploads only - "prefer completion"


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Hi guys, I've been using µT for a while now and like it a lot. There is however an option I'd really like to see implemented, which is some sort of seeding mode selection. If you have a lot of space free on your hard disk then this won't be an issue for you. I'm not sure what the current behaviour is in regards to choosing which torrents to seed (probably seed:leech ratio / current torrent ratio or something), but when you're low on space, it becomes problematic.


-you start off with 20 torrents queued: 400mb each (~8gb total), 4gb free on your drive, and begin downloading (max 2 active dl, max 6 active total = max 4 active uploads)

-after completing 5 torrents, one upload is queued. at this point it's not really important which one, but:

-after completing 9 torrents, 5 uploads are queued, usually the ones with the HIGHEST ratio.

-you shortly get 11 error'd torrents: out of disk space.

To continue your session properly, you need to finish seeding something so you can delete it/burn it/whatever, and this is where the problem currently lies. Assuming you seed 1:1, you often end up with your uploads queued at 0.9 or higher. The only way to resolve the situation atm, is force the almost-1:1 uploads to finish, remove them, and start your downloads again. Which isn't SO bad, except that you have to remain around until they hit 1:1 to do it!

What I'm proposing is to be able to toggle between the regular seeding selection formula, and one similar to the "end-game" mode for downloads, but in this case when a torrent is almost at the ratio you've chosen to stop seeding at, it gets higher priority then any other (except maybe one with an extremely high seed:leech ratio where you may not want to break the connection and end up with no one to seed to).

Thanks for reading.

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There's that, but that would also re-queue the downloads, which is what I want to avoid! Setting the seeding priority higher would only result in more torrents seeding, providing a minimally better chance something will be 1:1 by the time you come back to your machine. Obviously with more to download then you have room for, you will have to be around once in a while to clear out what's finished. But minimizing the time you have to be there is what I'm after. Another example:

-you begin with 20 downloads, 400mb each (8gb total), and 4+gb free. you start 10 of them, the other 10 are left stopped. (still max 2 active dl, max 6 active global)

-all 10 finish and are seeding or queued to seed.

-when you come back 12 hours later, 0 of 10 are at 1:1. instead, 4 are queued at a ratio of 0.9 or higher, and 6 are seeding at a ratio of about 0.6!

-once again, you have to stop the seeding torrents, wait for the 0.9's to finish, then remove them, before you can start the other 10 torrents downloading.

That's why I was looking to change the priority of queued seeds in relation to active seeds, not of downloads in relation to uploads. :)

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no more feedback? i'm sure the whole priority system will eventually get sorted out as it seems to be a popular topic right now, but this particular suggestion has an entirely different purpose (since it would be considering which torrents can be removed from the seed line fastest, not on overall efficiency for small swarms, etc.).

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