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Speed Problem when Downloading From Nokia N 95 8GB


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I used to download using my mobile's 3G connection .

in normal FTP downloading i am getting 200+ speed but when i use u torrent I am getting only speed of 10-12 KbPS and also port is not forwarded .Red or yellow icon cames down in u torrent

What can i do to forward a port in my Nokia N 95 USB mobem ,

Give me solution

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You probably can't...most wireless and satellite services are permanently firewalled by hopeless NAT problems. BitTorrent traffic is almost certainly heavily disrupted/throttled as well, which would explain the terrible results you've seen so far.

Best bet is use fewer connections, turn off extra features in uTorrent that use extra bandwidth (cutting into what little you are getting for down/up speeds on the torrents), and try various encryption and stealthing tricks. See here for more details/examples:


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