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I apologise for bad English. Transfer PROMT from Russian on English

Somehow it is possible to make that for example, at "a maximum active torrents" = 100, "a maximum of simultaneous returns" = (for example) 5?

And that at me the return channel weak, turns out so: I put "a maximum active torrents" = 100 then from me happens swing at once pieces 15 torrents and at all speed of return ~10kb \with.

And if to put "a maximum active torrents" = it is less 100 (5 for example) 5 torrents on trackers the others are visible, and that who not seeds, not the visible.

And in general UTorrent somehow strange itself conducts. If to put "a maximum active torrents" = 5 after start of a program, active torrents5, the others with the status "in turn of distributions", and through time already all torrent become green and all are distributed. After restart again, only 5 active.

It would seem to me to make very conveniently 3 options (values approximate...):

"A maximum active torrents" = 10 (it is possible and without this option, only two following)

"A maximum of simultaneous returns" = 8

"A maximum of simultaneous loadings" = 2

And why a site in Russian, and a forum all in English? Even to write a post to fall English

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