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Torrent filename - replace spaces w/ custom char


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I know this is not very crucial but hey, anything that can make µTorrent better... why not!

When you creating torrent and press "Create and save", µTorrent nicely suggests a name for a torrent file.

If file or folder name that was added to the torrent has any spaces, it would be nice if it would be replaced

by some custom char (u would be able to choose - for example: underscore or dot)

So for example if you choose "_" char, instead of suggesting torrent filename like ArtistName - Firstsong.mp3

it would be ArtistName_-_Firstsong.mp3

Why all this? We all know that most (if not all???) torrent sites/trackers usually require no spaces in a torrent filenames!


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Actually, most torrent sites/trackers don't require no spaces, but all the releases seem to be formatted as such anyway. :P

I'm personally not for the inclusion of this feature, though, it doesn't seem all that useful (since most torrent sites can automatically rename the .torrent file anyway if there's a problem).

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