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update weirdness

harro ^__^

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So today i opened a torrent and was prompted that it was update time. There was no option to cancel, which seemed odd, so i exited utorrent and launched from desk top and recieved the same prompt. Went ahead and updated bcos there seemed no choice if i wished to use utorrent. Was kinda weird as it behaved as though was installing for the 1st time, asked for install destination, if i wanted ask.com bar etc..then launched the preference wizard on completion.

Also, i had updated the utorrent client just a few days ago and thats the last time Windows shows the file as having been modified.

I think/hope im being paranoid, im 99% sure i am. For the first time in years i had to remove malware from my system earlier today. THANKS MININOVA!! DO NOT GO THERE WITH JAVA SCRIPT ENABLED!!

Sorry in advance for what surely has to be a waste of a Moderators time :(

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