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Serious issues with upload speed


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I've looked everywhere for help on this but nothing I've tried has worked.

According to my ISP and according to various speed tests, my average upload speed is approximately 500 kilobits per second (around 62 KBps). Using uTorrent's speed guide i set my settings to:

Upload Limit: 47 kB/s

Connections per torrent: 90

Max active torrents: 3

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (global): 250

Max active downloads: 2

My upload speed never seems to go above 10 kB/s, ever!

I've recently uploaded about 15 or so torrents and my upload speed seems to hover at around 8 or 9 kB/s. Each torrent has generally gotten on average 10 or so leechers so it couldn't possibly be that I'm saturating ALL of their download speeds at a mere 10 kB/s.

Any help would be really appreciated and if you need more information, please ask.

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3rd link in my signature, 4th quote.

Your ISP hates you. The only reason they don't want you to kill yourself is because they would probably quit being paid.

See if TekSavvy ADSL ISP is in your area.

Barring that, or until then...try various encryption and stealthing tricks. See here for more details/examples:


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Many Cable ISPs are still using DOCSIS v1.1 instead of v2 or even v3.

This means they're cramming 100+ customers into a single 9 megabit/sec upload channel...and a single 38 megabit/sec download channel. Average speed per customer...can be worse than dial-up as a result.

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