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Error "Not connectable"


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I started using uTorrent about two months ago. Setup was not easy but eventually I "figured it out" and download/upload speeds were satisfactory...until a DDoS attack hit South Korea. A little background: my computers are behind a NETGEAR Wireless-N WNR2000 router (none are connected via wireless). The machine I have uTorrent installed on has a fixed IP address ( and I enabled port triggering. All was fine until 3 days ago when the DDoS settled in. I did not change any settings, but found that the little button at the bottom of the uTorrent page is now a red circle with a exclamation mark with the following error message: "Not connectible. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic..." The thing is, I disabled Windows (XP Pro, SP3) firewall a long time ago, and I don't use a firewall with my installed McAfee anti-virus software. Is there a router setting that is preventing connectivity? It was working fine until three days ago. Or, is it possible that SK Broadband (my local Korean service provider) has throttled my connection? If SK is the problem, is there a way for me to rule out my router as the source of the trouble? Thanks for any help I can get from more experienced folks. conandoyle

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