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No Incomming connections issue


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Wasn't exactly sure if I should have posted this here in Troubleshooting or in Speed Problems, but anyways here's my issue.

So I've been having a constant "No incoming connections" and averaging out about 200kb/s download. I've been hunting around looking for answers on how to fix this issue but nothing seems to be working.

Some of the things that I've followed to try and fix the issue.

- http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258231

-uTorrent Connections Setup Guide

-I've forwarded everything correctly with my router and my firewall (to my knowledge, but checking to see if the port was forwarded properly it says it isn't, even though my firewall is turned off, and I have the port forwarded on my router for my desktop.)

-I did the Glasnost test to see if my ISP is throttling my connection and it doesn't SEEM to be the case with the test, and the test came up with download speeds of about 2mbs

-I also downloaded the Slackware Torrent and my speeds were about 700kb/s with that torrent

and that's about all that I've tested so far.

So since none of these seem to have helped me out I decided to take out the potential issue of my router and I hooked my desktop directly up to the modem. Doing this fixed the issue, the icon changed to green and my speeds went up to about 1mb/s from the average 200kb/s that I had going through my router.

What I don't understand though is that I have everything forwarded correctly on my router, and my desktops firewall is turned off so it shouldn't be doing this but it is.

My setup atm:

-Qwest up to 7mbs download and up to 896kbs upload (speed tests average out about 4.1mbs download and 600kbs upload)

-Linksys WRT54GL flashed with Tomato Firmware (v1.25)

-D-Link DFE-530TX+ 10/100 Desktop PCI Adapter (motherboard nic died on me)

If this isn't enough information I can post the way I have everything forwarded and maybe someone will be able to fix something that I may have setup wrong.

Thank you

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The modem is an Actiontec M1000, I'm pretty sure it isn't the modem though because when I hook directly up to the modem the connection is great and the icon is also green. I can't remember if I've always had a connection issue like this with the last router I had though, but with the router I have now I've always had this connection issue (I've had the router for about 2 weeks now).

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It looks like your modem might be a router. If it is, and it supported UPnP, then uTorrent would have automatically forwarded the port for you while connected directly. Using a Linksys router? On the Linksys, find the Status page, look at the Internet section, what's your gateway address?

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Annnnnnnnnnd tomato lists that gateway as being for the Internet/WAN right?

Router modems also need portforwarding, or bridging. See if your modem is listed on portforward.com. You'll have to do it in a chain (forward the modem to your routers Internet IP address, then the router to your computer).

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