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Utorrent On A New Drive


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Ok so I got a new 1 TB hard drive since my 750 GB was dying on me (not to mention I was slowly running out of room) to store all of my completed and incomplete torrents (among other things).

So previously I've had 2 hard drives. My OS (C:\) drive was where I installed uTorrent and where all of my .torrent files, resume.dat, etc is located. My storage drive (the 750 GB E:\), however, was where all of the actual "files" in the torrents were being placed. So the path is something like "E:\uTorrent\Complete" and "E:\uTorrent\Incomplete".

Now that I finally have my new 1 TB hard drive hooked up and formatted I thought that I could just assign a random drive letter to this new hd, stop ALL of my torrents, copy the entire "uTorrent" folder from E:\ to let's say Z:\, remove the dying hard drive, reassign the Z:\ drive to E:\, and sit back as everything continues to run just as it was once uTorrent is launched again.

I'm extremely anxious about this though. And I wanted to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that this will work.

It should, shouldn't it? There shouldn't be any need for checking the torrents as is the case when you move and incompleted torrent from one computer to another, should there?

Also, on a slightly related note: I'm planning on upgrading to a 64bit OS and I know I'll need to back up and transfer my uTorrent folder (settings, .torrent files, resume.dat) on C:\ to the drive once again after I upgrade.

I've done this once before in the past and it worked beautifully, (although that was moving my now dying 750 GB hd from my old computer to my current one; not upgrading to 64 bit) but I can't remeber what to move and how to go about replacing everything again once I install my 64 bit OS.

In the way I did it in the past I was able to keep EVERYTHING (stats, uploaded, ratio for every torrent) but I'm not sure how to pull this off again.


I want to keep uTorrent exactly as it was when I format and intall a 64 bit OS. (Ok.........Windows 7)

I REALLY aprreciate ANY help with either of these 2 problems.

Thanks guys.

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1/ If the drive letter and path (i.e. E:\uTorrent\Complete or Incomplete) are the same for data on your new 1TB HD, uT will resume all the torrent jobs without any issue or forced recheck.

If you want to change the path for some reasons, you can use freeware BEncode Editor (see sticky in General subforum) to edit file resume.dat with function "find/replace".

Anyway in your case, it's not necessary.

2/ Just back up the entire contents of folder %appdata%\utorrent (history, settings & .torrents) and copy it onto your new OS at the same place. That's all.

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